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Your Gul-e FAQs

The Gul-e product is available from £499.00* excluding VAT, plus installation costs which can vary depending on your location, pavement type, and other local restrictions.

If you are a Local Authority and wish to discuss large quantity orders or a trial in your area please get in touch.

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Gul-e units are already available to purchase on a 1-3day lead time however, EV cable channels are a relatively new solution to the market that are predominantly installed within a public footpath that is owned and maintained by your Local Authority. Therefore, approval must be given from your Local Authority before a Gul-e can be installed across your pavement.

We may already be trialling Gul-e in your area, but if we are not, please ‘register your interest’ with us as this could help us get your council on-board. The more interest that we have. The easier it is to potentially make Gul-e available where you live.

See the Gul-e product in detail

Yes, this is a key part of our offering. We only accept an order for a Gul-e once we already have a partnership with the local authority where you live and all approvals in place.

See the Gul-e product in detail

The Gul-e is flush to the pavement surface & therefore will not cause trip hazards unless it’s being used incorrectly. Plus, the channels have a slip-resistant coating to prevent slip hazards, particularly in cold or wet weather.

See the Gul-e product in detail

It is your responsibility to keep the Gul-e clean & safe. The Gul-e has been designed to be low maintenance; however, periodic checks should be made and clearing of debris carried out safely.

See the Gul-e product in detail

We can install into asphalt (tarmac), paving stones / slabs and brick surfaces.

See the Gul-e product in detail

There is a slight slant towards the kerb in the channel itself so any rainwater that enters will pour out onto the road. Please check for obstructions occasionally.

See the Gul-e product in detail

As the space is public property, please note that you are not entitled to reserve the space. However, Gul-e users in previous and current trials have had success in contacting neighbours to switch spaces, using street community and, social media groups. This relies on goodwill of all parties, so please be mindful of your charging needs. Most Gul-e users will only need to charge a couple of times a week. Please accept a parking space elsewhere if you do not need to charge.

See the Gul-e product in detail

If you urgently need to charge but can’t get access to the space in front of your house, please go to ZapMap to identify suitable public charging spaces in your area. You can also look for EV owners sharing their home chargers in your area, via ZapMap Home and other sharing apps.

See the Gul-e product in detail

You may consider ways of securing your cable. Some home chargers do not currently automatically lock your cable while charging or may release it once charge is completed. However, many wall boxes and EVs feature dedicated loops that can be used to secure your cable with your own padlock. You may also want to check your car insurance and home/content insurance if you can add your charging cable for extra protection.

See the Gul-e product in detail

Following a positive survey result, we will make an appointment to install the Gul-e. Our team will close the pavement, install the Gul-e in typically around 1.5hrs to 3hrs, and confirm when installation is complete.

See the Gul-e product in detail

Gul-e has been through 2 years of independent lab testing, covering all elements of the unit.
C250 Rating (25 tonnes)
‘Low Slip Potential’ classification – Limits taken from The HSE 2012 publication “Assessing the slip resistance of flooring”.
BS-EN-1433 Slot width in pedestrianised areas.

See the Gul-e product in detail

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“The best thing about Gul-e is its simplicity. It really is so easy to use,
and was a big part of my decision to buy an EV.”

Mr Jesper Ekelund, Oxford

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