No Driveway?
No Problem.

Charge your electric vehicle safely and securely at home with Gul-e.


The Problem

Currently an estimated 24.6% of UK households (6.6M) do not have access to off-street parking and are unable to charge electric vehicles at home.

Street Trip Hazard

Currently, resident on-street parking can cause a trip hazard to pedestrians, as well as diminish inclusive mobility for wheelchair users.

Inconvenient Charging

Public charging can be inconvenient to access and requires forward planning.

Public Charging Cost

Residents must rely on expensive public charging provision (on-street or in public car parks). This also represents a significant barrier to adoption.


The Solution: Gul-e

Charging your vehicle using Gul-e is easy as 1, 2, 3.

Simply park in front of your home, press the charging cable into the Gul-e, and plug in.

  • Secure & seamless cable gully recessed in the footway
  • Encourages overnight charging, reducing network grid pressures
  • Removes trip hazards by keeping the cable out of the way for pedestrians
  • Unobtrusive design that minimses street clutter

Who Are We?

Gul-e is an innovative solution, created by ODS Group

We create social value – through the services we deliver directly to residents and through the excellent commercial services we provide.

The Gul-e project was driven by the need to support the predicted rapid uptake of EVs in Oxfordshire and this trend is predicted in many regions across the UK. It’s our ambition to open up the solution across the UK and we are eager to support Local Authorities who would like to trial the Gul-e solution in their area.

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