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Explain the Gul-e to me in brief?

It allows residents to charge an EV at home without a driveway.

They can simply park on the street, and charge directly from a home charger.

Gul-e for Local Authorities

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The key benefits to local authorities?

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Who is liable?

A user agreement for the safe and proper use of the product is granted to the resident.

This agreement sets out their responsibilities to operate and use the product correctly and safely, along with a requirement to take out the necessary EV insurance and adequate public liability cover.

Liability depends on the ownership model that you as a Local Authority prefer and wish to implement. There are two main ownership models, namely; ownership by the Highway Authority or ownership by the user, each with slightly different regulation considerations.


The Gul-e unit comes with a 5-year parts and labour Warranty.

As a company we are also able to offer installation by our own NRSWA trained operatives. We offer a 12-month warranty on any of the installations that we carry out.

After this period, the Gul-e and the installation becomes a Local Authority asset, as with any on-street infrastructure.


Gul-e has been designed to be as low maintenance as possible.

In almost all cases, the only maintenance required will be occasional cleaning which is the responsibility of the resident as set out in the Terms and Conditions of sale (user agreement).

Although extremely unlikely, due to the robustness of the product, any maintenance other than occasional cleaning can be carried out by the existing licensed highways contractor of the local authority as with any existing ‘on-street’ infrastructure.

Highways Considerations

Gul-e has been designed and developed alongside a Highways Authority taking into all of their safety and standards considerations.

Every element of Gul-e has been independently lab tested over a number of years to ensure standards and viability of installing into a publicly owned and maintained footpath.

Standards Gul-e meets:

  • C250 Rating (25 tonnes)
  • ‘Low Slip Potential’ classification
    • Limits taken from The HSE 2012 publication “Assessing the slip resistance of flooring”.
  • BS-EN-1433 Slot width in pedestrianised areas.


  • Coated to BS EN ISO 9000-2015
  • BS EN ISO 1461


Wholesale pricing available on Gul-e units, please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

Installation is available or an installation guide can be issued if this work is preferred to be carried out by one of your existing contractors.

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