Ordering and installing the Gul-e

A full rundown of the process; how it works, how long it takes, and what’s involved

What are the next steps to getting a Gul-e?

So, here’s how it works…

A quick ‘bit of background’…

If Gul-e would solve your on-street charging needs, that’s great!

However, before any installation can take place there are a few things that need to be in place for several reasons.

EV cable channels are a relatively new solution to the market that are predominantly installed within a public footpath that is owned and maintained by your Local Authority. Therefore, approval must be given from your Local Authority before a Gul-e can be installed across your pavement.

We may already be trialing Gul-e in your area, but if we are not, please ‘register your interest’ with us as this could help us get your council on-board. The more interest that we have. The easier it is to potentially make Gul-e available where you live.

Alternatively, if you or your business would like a Gul-e supplied for installation on private land, please get in touch. This is currently a very quick process due to approval from your Local Authority not being required.

Maintenance & Responsibilities

Virtually no maintenance is required.

The only exception is to occasionally remove any leaves or dirt that accumulate in the channel, which can be carried out by you, the user.

You are responsible for ensuring the unit is operated in a safe manner and that your cable is correctly inserted.


The cost of a single Gul-e unit is £499.00 (excluding VAT) on average.*

*Installation is available, and full pricing will be confirmed following consultation and survey.

How do I get a Gul-e?

So, what are the key stages?

Order your Gul-e directly or online

Ordering your Gul-e couldn’t be simpler.

Simply visit our website to check our list of approved partners, and register your interest if your local authority is not listed.

If they are, make an enquiry to purchase, and our team will be in touch with you to arrange the next steps.

A survey will be conducted

Once confirmed, an appointment will be made to survey your location, and ensure it is suitable for installation of the Gul-e device.

Our team have been instrumental in developing the Gul-e, so the survey is short, hassle-free, and won’t involve you in any work or inconvenience.

Make an appointment to install the Gul-e

Following a positive survey result, we will make an appointment to install the Gul-e.

Our team will close the pavement, install the Gul-e in typically in around 90 minutes, and confirm when installation is complete.

The process involves little or no mess, leaving the pavement unobstructed and the aesthetics of your area preserved.

Once we leave the Gul-e will be ready to use

Once we leave, the Gul-e is ready to use, meaning you can charge your vehicle as soon as we’re gone!

The product is simple, with no additional installation or administration.

OK, I’m interested! What next?

Order your Gul-e
or check availability in your area…

Can I have one?

Check local Gul-e availability

Check availability in your area, and see our local authority partners.


“The best thing about Gul-e is its simplicity. It really is so easy to use,
and was a big part of my decision to buy an EV.”

Mr Jesper Ekelund, Oxford

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