The key benefits of the Gul-e solution

From the product, to installation, to how to purchase the Gul-e, watch a video explainer below.

Why should I buy a Gul-e?

So, what does it offer?

The freedom to charge
via your home supply

With a Gul-e, you can charge at home using your own domestic energy tariff.

On average, this represents a saving of between 60-80% over public chargers, reducing the average charge from around £24 to less than £6.

Most drivers charge their vehicles overnight, taking advantage of cheaper energy tariffs, and avoiding the high unit costs at public charging points.

The facility to charge
at home without a driveway

With a Gul-e, you can charge your car parked at the kerbside, using your wall-mounted car charger.

The Gul-e allows you to cross the pavement with your EV charging cable, plug the charger into the car at the kerbside, and leave it to charge safely and securely.

No trailling cables, no trip hazards, and no obsctuctions for other pavement users.

The luxury of avoiding
public charging points

With a Gul-e, the days of waiting at public charging points, with long queues and unreliable apparatus are over!

Charging your vehicle at home allows you to conveniently charge your vehicle at home, using cheaper domestic energy tariffs, and have full control over when you charge, and for how long.

Your own charger, your own tariff – putting you ‘in charge and on charge’.

OK, I’m interested! What next?

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“The best thing about Gul-e is its simplicity. It really is so easy to use,
and was a big part of my decision to buy an EV.”

Mr Jesper Ekelund, Oxford

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