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The benefits to authorities of the Gul-e product

From the product, to installation, to how to purchase the Gul-e, watch a video explainer below.

Who are Gul-e?

A local authority partner invested in providing sustainable EV solutions

Our parents company (ODS Group) is owned by Oxford City Council, meaning not only do we understand the pressures you face, but we’ve developed a solution to solve them in the same environment in which you operate.

Following grant funding from Innovate UK and the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles, Gul-e has been developed, tested, and trialled in councils around the country, making home charging accessible to residents living on tereaced streets, or in other urban areas without offroad parking.

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What do Gul-e stand for?

We’re achieving our (and your) objectives for a sustainable future

We understand the challenges in achieving sustainability objectives in the public spotlight, and under increasing political and budgetary pressure. The Gul-e allows fast, high-profile achievement of these objectives, with minimal capital expenditure.

We were established to address these shared objectives, and to encourage and facilitate the uptake of EVs in one of the UKs most famous, highly regarded, and historic cities – which many of us also call our home. In doing so, we have developed a solution from which we believe the nation’s local authorities, and residents, should benefit.

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What advantages do we offer?

In a marketplace full of start-ups we’re the tried and tested option

Unlike some of our competitors, we’re not a ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ start-up, offering a great product, with no guarantee of future support or availability – we’re here to stay.

Owned by a local authority, and with a product developed in partnership with our highways department, we know what it takes to get products and work approved on the public highway. Understanding this process means less hassle for you, and a more positive response from your residents and visitors.

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OK, we’re interested… what next?

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Where have I seen Gul-e before?

Gul-e in the news

The benefits of at-home EV charging for urban dwellers

2 July 2024|

Urban living often comes with unique challenges, particularly for those who own or are considering purchasing an electric vehicle (EV). However, at-home EV charging solutions offer a range of benefits that can significantly enhance the experience of EV ownership for urban residents. Here's why households who live in the UK’s towns and cities should consider installing an at-home EV charging station.

World Environment Day 2024: How Gul-e is helping local authorities meet their sustainability targets

5 June 2024|

In the words of the UN Environment Programme: “The state of the planet affects us all – both now and in the future. No matter who and where you are, everyone alive right now has a critical role to play for the future of land.” Every year, World Environment Day reminds us of our collective responsibility to protect the planet. In the UK, local authorities are at the forefront of this mission, striving to meet ambitious sustainability targets that are driven by national legislation, regional initiatives, and international commitments.

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