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Functional Overview

The product is designed for permanent installation in the outdoor environment, set into a road or pavement.

Its purpose is for the convenient and safe sub-surface storage of EV charger cable for when it is in use during vehicle charging, preventing trip hazards.

The product is also designed to provide protection to an EV cable from the impact of loading which can be caused by vehicles. The unit will be sunken into the terrain with its cable opening siting flush with a pavement or road surface, and all elements satisfy the BS EN 1433 standard.


The unit is 90mm wide, with a base plate up to 150mm in width, and a total of 65mm in height, and a standard length of 2m that can be extended with the use of additional units to suit the width of a footway.[LD1]

The Gul-e is galvanised to the following specifications:

  • Coated to BS EN ISO 9000-2015
  • BS EN ISO 1461

Load Weighting
Load Classification Achieved: C250 (25 tonnes), Group 3.

Classification limits are taken from The HSE 2012 publication “Assessing the slip resistance of flooring.” (
“Low-slip potential’ achieved.

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