We share the same
sustainability objectives

We’re all too aware of the challenges faced in achieving sustainability – we face them too.

How do we help achieve your sustainability objectives?

How we help achieve your objectives

Promotes and facilitates
the uptake of EVs

Our product allows all of those locked out of EV ownership access to all of its benefits.

We understand that in cities and urban areas, charging availability is high in the list of barrier to EV ownership.

In seeking to solve those problems for our own local authorities, we have devised a solution from which the entire nation’s local authorities can benefit.

Reduces capital expenditure and on-street infrastructure

We understand the vast sums of money involved in installing safe, high quality charging infrastructure, and the strain it puts on an already stretched public purse.

Providing your residents with the option to install a Gul-e means a dramatically reduced demand for public and on-street charging points, and a commensurate reduction in capital expenditure, maintenance, and ongoing investment.

Achieve sustainability objectives and
balance the grid

In addition to the expense, we appreciate the pressures which sustainability objectives put on local authorities nationwide – necessitating constant monitoring and development, with pressure from central government and local residents to offer the latest, best, and most accessible solutions.

The Gul-e does all this and more – not only offering huge sustainability upsides, but also dramatically reducing load on the grid at peak times, offering further, wider benefits.

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