The key advantages
of the Gul-e solution

From the product, to installation, to how to purchase the Gul-e, watch a video explainer below.

Why should I buy a Gul-e?

So, why choose a Gul-e?

We offer fast installation
on all pavement types

Gul-e can be installed by a trained team in around 2 hours on most pavement types.

The device has been tested on a variety of pavement surfaces, and is designed to unobtrusively fit into all environments, without mess, clutter or visual disturbance.

Neat, simple, and with no moving parts, the Gul-e fits seamlessly into all pavement environments.

There are no moving
parts to break

The Gul-e has virtually no moving parts, meaning there is nothing to break, and requires minimal maintenance.

Most competitor products require ongoing maintenance, or replacement of certain elements over time – with us, you get a permanent, maintenance free product.

Simple, clean, and maintenance free, Gul-e offers the perfect solution to home Ev charging.

We offer considerable
cost savings

The Gul-e can be supplied from £499 with installation available, offering considerable savings over direct competitors.

With the range of pavement chargers, home charging solutions and associated products representing a significant inventment and expense, Gul-e is the simple, low cost alternative.

The simplest, fastest, cheapest solution to on-street charging.

It requires no tools
to operate

Where competitor products require tools to open, close and lock, the Gul-e requires nothing but your hands to operate, and has no working elements to maintain.

Simplicity, safety, and convenience – all come as standard with Gul-e.

OK, I’m interested! What next?

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Can I have one?

Check local Gul-e availability

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“The best thing about Gul-e is its simplicity. It really is so easy to use,
and was a big part of my decision to buy an EV.”

Mr Jesper Ekelund, Oxford

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