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The like-minded partner for Local Authorities

We understand the market, the audience, and most importantly, we understand you.

The key benefits to local authorities?

So, why should you partner with us?

Local Authority owned
and intent on ‘doing good’

Our parent company, ODS Group, are owned by Oxford City Council, so we’re not a ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ start-up.

We understand the risks of undertaking works on the public highway, of appointing external contractors, and of offering products and services to your local residents.

We were built to offer and achieve the same things – and this product was developed with our local authority colleagues and partners in mind.

We focus on community,
not solely on profit

Our product was born out of the need to facilitate EV charging in our own community, not as the brainchild of a venture capitalist, or as a profit-making enterprise.

We understand the value this product can bring to your community, the challenges you currently face in achieving sustainability objectives, and we’re here to help.

Our community are at the heart of our operation – and we understand you think in the same way.

A shared local authority
ethos and duty to service

Unlike private competitors, we understand the pressures and sensitivities you face.

We have overcome the same challenges as you have, we understand the combination of sustainability objectives, budgetary pressure, and the expectation for you to offer continuous improvement in the face of adversity.

The Gul-e was developed for our residents, and we would like the whole local authority community to benefit.

Your objectives are also
our objectives

In addressing our own sustainability objectives, we can solve others’ too. On top of our commitment as a local authority partner, our parent company (ODS Group) also exists to ‘do good’.

Our objective is to improve the lives of our residents, businesses, and visitors – and one of the key ways we can do that is by making their lives easier.

The Gul-e is designed to do that too.

OK, we’re interested… what next?

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