20 March 2024

Gul-e welcomes new EV chargepoint grants for households

Gul-e is delighted by this week’s government announcement that a new EV Chargepoint Grant for households with on-street parking is now available.

This development represents a significant step forward in our shared journey towards sustainable transportation.

The new grant will provide eligible electric vehicle (EV) drivers with financial support towards the cost of purchasing and installing EV chargepoints at their residential property, when also installing a cross-pavement charging solution, such as Gul-e.

Eligible residents can get 75% off the cost to buy and install a socket, up to a maximum of £350, and applications can be made for the grant by people who:

  • Own or rent a residential property in which they live.
  • Have adequate on-street parking as defined by the local council.
  • Have permission from their local council to install a cross-pavement charging solution between their home and the approved parking space.
  • Will install a cross-pavement charging solution before having their chargepoint installed.
  • Own an eligible vehicle.

The Gul-e at-home charging solution is part of an overarching strategy to address the anticipated surge in EV adoption and allows for a cheaper, safer, and more secure way to charge EVs at home.

Gul-e can help residents secure approval of our solution in their locality, should we not already be active there. Local Authorities or developers interested in trialling Gul-e in their area, and positioning themselves at the forefront of sustainable and forward-looking transportation infrastructure, should contact Lewis Dixon by emailing gul-e@odsgroup.co.uk or telephoning 01865 335400.

For more details about the new grant, and to find out whether you are eligible, visit: https://bit.ly/3PrrqOJ

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