9 July 2023

Transport & Energy – Bromley deploys Oxford’s Gul-e charging solution

The London Borough of Bromley is set to roll-out a trial of Gul-e, the electric vehicle (EV) charging solution created by ODS, Oxford City Council’s trading company.

The on-street domestic solution will be deployed at eight sites with data gathered throughout the trial to assist residents in charging from home and using their own domestic electricity supply.

The sites, which are located right across the borough, will help residents to simply, safely and affordably charge their electric vehicles at their own homes without having to rely on more costly public charging options.

Gul-e’s design allows at-home EV charging, while removing potential pedestrian trip hazards, and minimising unsightly street clutter through its secure cable gully which is recessed in the footway.

Previous successful Gul-e trials have taken place with councils in Oxfordshire and Bedfordshire and, because the affordable cost of Gul-e is suitable for self-funding, the need for council investment in on-street infrastructure, subsequent maintenance and contract management is reduced.

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